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It is one of the most modern hair transplant procedures which allows grafts to be extracted with a punch like mechanism from the donor area before they are transplanted into the recipient site.

Stem Cell

This is the finest hair transplant procedure available currently. Hair follicles are extracted from the donor area with the help of a device that allows extremely fast extraction and subsequent grafting.


The strip is than dissected to get follicles for grafting purposes. The scalp is then sutured by the surgeon. The procedure is used widely around the globe and is still quite a success despite newer methods.


It is a noninvasive state of the art technology in which ACell’s Matristem system is injected into the scalp in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to help the dormant follicles to regenerate hair.

Welcome to Hair Transplant Clinic

We welcome you to Hair Transplant Clinic where we offer some of the finest hair transplant procedures performed by highly qualified and experienced doctors. Our facilities are state of the art and we settle for nothing less than the best for our esteemed clients. Our aim to surpass your expectation and to be the very best in the hair transplant world.

About Our Clinic

Hair transplant Dubai clinic was established over a decade ago with the aim of providing our clients with the finest hair transplant procedures in Dubai. We now have two hair transplant clinics in Dubai and opening our third one in Abu Dhabi soon. All of our facilities are state of the art and we have some of the most experienced hair transplant surgeons from around the globe providing their services with us.

At Hair transplant Clinic, we have been providing our services to a larger international audience for years. Many people specifically travel to Dubai from abroad for their hair transplant procedures with us. With a long and growing list of satisfied clients, Hair Transplant Clinic is the leading facility for hair transplants in the United Arab Emirates.

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