If you are considering hair treatment in Dubai then this synopsis will help you plan understand the available options in Dubai. A flowing mane is still a sign of masculinity no matter how much the fads of shaved and shiny heads may try to convince us otherwise.

As soon as you notice an excessive number of hairs on your pillow or at the bathroom floor, you begin to worry about baldness. The search for hair treatments begins in earnest. Hot weather and the water in Dubai bear the brunt the blame for hair loss.

Hair treatment in Dubai for hair loss has evolved over the last 10 years. Of course there are a large number of snake oil remedies for hair loss, but some of the modern treatments for Hair loss in Dubai are as following:

1.     Minoxidil

Also sold under the trade names of “Rogaine” and “Regaine” , the product is a gold standard for a select group of patients. Patients who benefit most from the treatment are …

  • Men in younger age group who have just begun to loose hair but there is no definite or visible areas of baldness.
  • Men or women who are greatly concerned about their hair thinning rapidly.
  • Men or women who have lost some hair but are not ready for hair transplantation and would like to slow down further hair loss.
  • Patients who had hair transplantation and would like to strengthen the transplanted hair and prevent further hair loss.


2.     Propecia

Propecia as such is not available in Dubai; some clinics prescribe “Proscar” which is meant for the treatment of Prostatic enlargement. The dose is divided accordingly.

3.     Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is commonly used as a Hair treatment in Dubai by many clinics for the nutrition of the scalp and hair follicles. There are no controlled research studies to show whether the treatment actually has any demonstrable benefits but it is a popular remedy as a hair loss treatment.


4.     Laser combs

Another common hair loss treatment method is the Laser comb; it supposedly stimulates the scalp to grow healthy and strong hairs. As with Mesotherapy, there are clinically conducted studies to prove the effectiveness of the laser comb—it does not hurt to try, so men and women with hair loss problem go ahead and try it.

5.     FUT or Strip Method of Hair Transplantation in Dubai

One of the most commonly practiced hair treatment procedure, FUT method of hair restoration is offered by many clinics in Dubai. The cost of hair transplantation in Dubai is reasonable as compared to many western countries, and for that reason many patients from Europe take the advantage for affordable fees for Hair transplantation in Dubai.


6.     FUE Method of Hair Transplantation in Dubai

A relatively new addition to the armamentarium of the hair transplant surgeons in Dubai, a select few clinics are offering this new technique of hair restoration. The cost is somewhat high but the advantages of no scar, no pain after surgery and natural looking results are worth the cost.